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Camping Site Großer Schachtsee

The location

The Großer Schachtsee is located in a landscape protection area of approx. 20 km² along the river Bode between Etgersleben and Unseburg near Wolmirsleben. 
nature is still intact in this area of wide-spread meadows and fields. Many animals and plants have been preserved here. lapwings, white storks, short-eared owls and penduline tits, as well as even great bitterns are still living here. For cyclists, a great bicycle route connects the camping site to the surrounding towns.

The idyllic town of Wolmirsleben develops into a modern attractive site that offers its guests not only gastronomy and retail but also many sports and leisure time activities. Playground and playing devices are located centrally on the well-groomed areas of the premises of our camping site.
Together with the beach pool, our camping site is perfect for a day trip or short holiday.

Excursion advice:

    • Monastery Unser Lieben Frauen, cathedral and Otto-von-Guericke-Museum in Magdeburg
    • Harz, e.g. with witches' dance floor in Thale
    • Old town and cathedral in Halberstadt
    • Castle Bernburg with Eulenspiegelturm
    • Moated castle Egeln
    • Hakel with cathedral castle near Heteborn
    • Church Sankt Nicolai (ev.)Wolmirsleben
    • Falkenstein castle
    • Ruin Konradsburg / Ermsleben
    • Nature park Drachengrund Wolmirsleben

Location: at the lake

Area: 11 ha



CP 213

Am Schachtsee 2b
9435 Wolmirsleben

Kontakt: Joachim Nöske

Tel.: 039268 2346
Fax: 039268 30968