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Travel regions

The 5 travel regions of Saxony-Anhalt are the Altmark, the Elbe-Börde-Heath region with Magdeburg, the Harz, the Anhalt-Dessau-Wittenberg region and the wine region Halle-Saale-Unstrut.

Find a short overview of these regions with the most important highlights and sights below:


Gently rolling hills, wide-spread meadows, extensive forests, Elbe meadows and idyllic villages – the Altmark offers great options for a country holy. 1,500 kilometres of bicycle and hiking trails and the longest riding route network of Europe, with 1,600 kilometres of mapped riding routes cross the untouched nature and offer a unique bicycle, hiking or riding holiday. For water-sports enthusiasts, the 554 hectare, glass-clear Arendsee and the Elbe are performed destinations as well. The rural character of the region is reflected in the "Altmark Farmers' Weeks" as well.
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Culture, history, water, nature – the Magdeburg-Elbe-Börde-Heath region is a diverse travelling destination at the centre of Saxony-Anhalt. Historic cloisters and castles, adventure and public baths, high-quality music and theatre, relaxation in nature or globally known technical buildings such as the water route cross in the North of state capital Magdeburg characterises the region's diverse profile. This area holds 22 of the 80 interesting buildings of the "Romantic Road". A large section of the Elbe bicycle route goes through this region. 
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Hike through untouched nature, go on adventurous mountain bike torus, see festinating UNESCO world cultural heritage sites, centuries-old buildings and the largest rose collection in the world in Sangerhausen when you come to the Harz. The Northern-most low mountain range of Germany houses famous sites such as Quedlinburg, Wernigerode and Luther town Eisleben. The 1142 metres high Brocken mountain is an alpine island in the low mountain range and the place where witches' dance floor near Thale fascinates with its mystic feel.
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The Anhalt-Wittenberg region, the Eastern-most travelling region of Saxony-Anhalt, has been the starting point of important historic and art developments for centuries. The Bauhaus in Dessau decisively characterised the art and architecture of the 20th century, the Wörlitzer Anlagen were one of the largest, earlier ant most important landscape parks of continual Europe. Luther town Wittenberg was the place from where the recognition spread and Johann Sebastian Bach composed his Brandenburg concertos in Köthen.
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Colourful vineyards along the "Saale-Unstrut" wine road, proud castles ad palaces as well as medieval churches and closures along the "Romantic Road", the natural river landscapes of Saale and Unstrut, unique archaeological finds along the "sky paths" and churches that are centuries old – the Halle- Saale-Unstrut region offers an idyllic landscape from times believed long past. Guests interested in culture and wine lovers, as well as wellness fans, those looking for action and spa guests alike will find the perfect prerequisites for a relaxing or exciting holiday.
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You can experience the diverse landscape of Saxony Anhalt from water as well. The "Blue belt – Water tourism in Saxony-Anhalt" connects the most important rivers...



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