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Garden Kingdom, water sports, art and reformation

The Anhalt-Wittenberg region, the Eastern-most travelling region of Saxony-Anhalt, has been the starting point of important historic and art developments for centuries. The Bauhaus in Dessau decisively characterised the art and architecture of the 20th century, the Wörlitzer Anlagen were one of the largest, earlier ant most important landscape parks of continual Europe. Luther town Wittenberg was the place from where the recognition spread and Johann Sebastian Bach composed his Brandenburg concertos in Köthen.

In addition to the impressive castles and palaces, this region offers outstanding technical monuments auf: Ferropolis, the iron city, or the technology museum "Hugo Junkers" inspire guests again and again.

For nature lovers, the nature park Düben Heath, the nature park Fläming, the Untere Saaletal or the Biosphere Reservation Mittelelbe, which the UNESCO has declared a protected area, offer diverse leisure time activities.

The Luther Sites in Wittenberg are UNESCO world cultural heritages. Martin Luther spent most of his life here, in the "cradle of the reformation". Even now, you will feel the spirit of the great reformer in many sites where he used to work. Enter the world of his time in the Luther house, his former place of residence, or visit the town church St. Marien, the church where Martin Luther preached and that once was the place from where the reformation started.

The Luther oak has a small commemorative plaque that reminds of the burning of the bull threatening Luther with banishment in 1520. The highlight of any tour of Wittenberg should be the castle church with Martin Luther's grave. In 2017, Luther's posting of the theses at the castle church will have its 500th anniversary. Therefore, the reformation decade has been announced, starting in 2008, 500 years after Luther came to in Wittenberg, and going to the anniversary year of 2017.

The Bauhaus and Masterhouses in Dessau, in contrast, will take you to a time far after Martin Luther. The Bauhaus and the Meisterhäuser were built to drafts by Walter Gropius in the 1920s.

Visit the unique unity of function and form and experience the architectural special features of these UNESCO world cultural heritages.

Another highlight in Anhalt-Wittenberg is the Dessau- Wörlitz Garden Kingdom. Built from 1765 to 1800 by Prince Leopold III. Friedrich Franz von Anhalt-Dessau on an area of 150 square kilometres and a UNESCO world heritage since 2000, it will cast you in its spell with its unique landscape design as well. Not only the Wörlitz facilities offer pure relaxation and harmony, but also the baroque city, castle and park ensemble in Oranienbaum and the castles and parks of Mosigkau, Georgium and Luisium in Dessau.

Take a walk through the wide-spread facilities of the Wörlitz castle. Cross one of the 19 bridges or catch the different moods during a gondola ride.

The Elbe river, meandering all the way across Anhalt-Wittenberg, offers the perfect prerequisites for water sports enthusiasts. The Elbe and Saale are perfect for ships, canoes and sailing boats. "Romanticism enthusiasts" will find the St. Stephani church in Bernburg, the epitome of Romanic village church construction, and the Benedictine monastery St. Maria and Cyprian in Nienburg with its unique furnishings from the times of Romanticism, in Anhalt-Wittenberg.

Bicycle hikers will find what they wish here as well. In addition to the Elbe bicycle route, the most popular bicycle route in Germany, which runs right across Anhalt-Wittenberg, the Muldetal bicycle route, the garden realm tour Prince Franz, the Saale bicycle hiking path, the bicycle route Berlin-Leipzig and the European bicycle route are some of our cycling highlights.

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